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Now you can develop a sexy stomach and abs without the hassle of an expensive gym membership. Learn to build tone and definition in your midsection with only 10 minutes every other day using iSitups.

iSitups is a an exercise training program designed to help you achieve the goal of increasing your max reps of non-stop sit-ups. The entire course is designed to be completed in 8 weeks, but can vary based on the progression of the participant.

Each workout gets progressively harder and ends with a "max rep" set where you attempt to do as many consecutive sit-ups as possible. There are a total of 5 progress tests to measure your progress.

Workouts are intended to be done every other day, a total of three times a week. A recommended schedule would be to workout Monday, Wedensday and Friday.

iSitups requires no additional exercise equipment and is perfect for those who travel for business and are often away from a gym! iSitups works for either sex, whether you want six packs abs or a toned sexy stomach.

Having trouble staying motivated while working out? The best feature of iSitups is the advanced charting capabilities. Now you will look forward to beating your personal best with the positive feedback loop provided by our motivational graphing feature. Every day you work out you are presented with the fun goal of trying to advance your graph further upwards. Working out is now fun and exciting thanks to iSitups! TRY IT NOW AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!!!